What is INsitu?

INsitu is a project created in 2015. It became a startup in May 2017 supported by the Startup Voucher program (Portugal 2020). Its aim is to disseminate, support and value Architecture in Portugal within and mainly outside the major urban centers. Architecture is for everyone without exception.

What are the requirements to be an Insitu Guide?

If you think that you have to be an Insitu Guide, you must be over 18 years of age, like Architecture and submit your website registration with your curriculum vitae (PDF and up to 4 A4 pages). links you want.

How do I become an Insitu Guide?

To apply you must make the application form on the link: ….. The Insitu Team will evaluate your CV and motivations and will always respond to all requests.

If I want to give up a tour, what should I do?

To give up a tour, just send an email to info@inistu.pt informing us that you will give up the tour indicating: Name of Tours, Date and your full name. The cancellations can only be made up to 5 days before the tours. Only in this case can we return the total amount of the tour.

Can I request a refund of the registration fee if I am absent?

If you miss the tour, we will only refund the money in case of accident or illness, by delivering original proofs and documents. (Confirm).

Where should I complain in case of an incident while traveling?

All participants in our tours have accident and travel insurance. The data indicated in the registration form are the responsibility of the participant, if they are wrong. To complain you must send an email to info@insitu.pt (to be confirmed)

 If you want to do a private tour like I do?

We organize tailor-made private tours for groups. To ask us for a tour, just fill out this form: x

What is the minimum and maximum number for private tours?

Private tours made in binibus can hold up to 7 people. At least we do tours for 3 people walking tours; 4 people minibustours and 4 people by train. The maximum number of participants for the tour is unlimited.

How far in advance can I book a private tour?

At least one week in advance and a maximum of one year in advance.

Can I choose the Private Guide that I want?

Yes you can choose the Guide based on your availability.

If I do not speak Portuguese can I do an INsitu tour?

Of course. We have guides who speak several languages. We can equally have translators. Just ask!

I want to visit a building or place that is not on your list or tours, how do I do it?

If you want to visit a more exclusive place or that is not on our list of tours, just make your request and we try to handle everything!

What forms of payment are available?

There are 4 payment methods: Paypal, By Check, Bank Transfer and Money (on the spot or by registered mail).
Data with Paypal:
Data with Check:
Bank Transfer Data:
Money with Money: Via CTT registered mail to the address: X.

What is the medium of transportation used in the tours?

Our tours can be done on foot (short distances), by minibus (small groups on private tours); Bus (larger groups); Train.

If you do not have an email, how do I sign up?

If you do not have an email you can sign up by phone (x number); ask a friend to do it. We are happy to help.

Am I having difficulty where I can call?

To clarify any doubt or in case you have any problems you can contact us by:
Email: link
Phone: link
Skype: link
Facebook: link

Do I have mobility difficulties, any type of health limitation or allergy (s) how do I advise before a tour?

The INsitu is not responsible for any information that is not correctly given to its guides and in advance.

Do I want to be an INsitu Partner?

If you want to be our institutional or local partner, just send an email to: geral@insitu.pt and insert the following in the title of the email: “PARTNER_ Name of Company / Institution”. We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our project.